Look what I can grow.

Check out my first tomato from my very first tomato plant! They’ve been growing for going on 5 months now and they are finally turning red! I thought this heat would have killed any chance at a nice batch but they are coming in stong and let me tell you they are de.licious.

Lora, 2011.

Lora on her Birthday.

Last Day to Vote!

It’s the very last day to vote on the Philly Hot List! If you have a second pop over there and vote for me and then share the link in a mass email to all your friends and family. (You can’t tell over the internet but I was working a mean jedi mind trick on you just now)

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Christy & Chuck – The Teaser.

Here is a quick teaser from Christy & Chuck‘s Wedding a few weeks ago. They were married at Northampton Valley Country Club in Richboro, PA and I can’t wait to show you more of their beautiful wedding and…special guest! More to come.

Jess & Jesse – The Teaser.

Here is a quick teaser from Jess & Jesse’s Wedding before they head off to beautiful Italy. This shot was at the very end of the night. We stepped away from the party tent and into the trees for this sweet sweet moment.

Wil, 2011.

Megan & Brendan – The Wedding.

Meet Megan & Brendan! I love a couple who is into taking pictures and with this couple (specifically Megan) we could do this daily. I don’t believe she has ever met a camera she didn’t like. :) They were married at Saint Bridget Church in Philadelphia, PA. This was a full catholic mass and even at the alter she was ready for her closeup! After our amazing 3 hours of picture time around the city we headed to the reception which was held at the City Avenue Hilton Hotel.
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Bendan’s per-wedding card to Megan. :) ‘To my Almost Wife’

Michelle & Dave – The Engagement.

Meet Michelle & Dave! They are getting hitched later this year in VEGAS! And even though I can’t be there to shoot the actual ceremony (believe me I would if I could) we will be shooting their Wedding Portraits with the entire wedding party back here in Philly when they get home. :)
For their Engagement Session we started at Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge, which is this delicious restaurant located off of Sansom Street, where the couple had their first date. Throughout the day we stopped at a few famous areas in Philly like Love Park and Broad St. but it was the in-between moments that really caught my attention. Outside of the Comcast building there is this little common area where a group of trees shade a few lunch tables. I had the couple sitting at one of the tables and I was shooting them from a distance when I read Dave’s lips as he whispered to Michelle right before he kissed her. He said to her ‘I’m so in love with you right now’. Smooth right?! Such a great moment!!!
Check out some of my favorites from the day.