SAPCC – Hide.

This week’s theme for SAPCC was Hide and for my shot I choose a portrait of my friend Claire’s kid Mikey. He is not at all one of those kids who won’t look at the camera, but for this shot I wanted him to be that kid. I asked him to hide in the middle of the road and this is what he did.


Check out Michael Brooks shot here.
Conni Freestone’s shot here.
Renee’s shot here.
Elizabeth’s shot here.
Next week’s theme is Trace. Due 4/22.

9 thoughts on “SAPCC – Hide.

  1. The White Sox? I would hide too. Nah… I lovehow he pops out of the image, like you could cut him out & put him anywhere & since he’s not looking, he won’t remember being in Siberia or next to a dragon.
    Oh yeah, it’s been a week since I reminded you that I want you to shoot me 🙂

  2. ooohhhh this is awesome! he def does seem to pop out. plus he looks a little tubby and i have a soft spot for chubby kids. 🙂 missed you guys!

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  5. Thanks Guys!
    Pat!, great to see you!
    Conni, Check your email.
    Michael, gridded flash at very low power.
    Elizabeth, Glad to have you back!
    Sweetiegirlz, thanks!

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