SAPCC Monthly – Monsters.

Here we go with another Monthly SAPCC theme! This Month’s theme was Monsters. My first idea was to do a ‘Corporate Takeover’ by aliens and demons but can you believe it was like pulling teeth to get people to be in the picture. So I bagged that idea and moved on. My next idea was to do portraits of Sock Puppet Monsters. Inanimate objects always say yes. šŸ™‚ I stitched, I sewed, I pinned, I taped and I built 4 Monsters from stratch for your viewing pleasure. Below we have Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein’s monster and Mummy.






Check out Michael Brooks shot here.
Conni Freestone’s shot here.
Renee’s shot here.
Next Monthly theme is Assorted. Due 6/3.

8 thoughts on “SAPCC Monthly – Monsters.

  1. They’re sooo cute and whimsical. I love the shot with all four. It’s the square box thinker in me that wants you to crop off the arm-in-shot look but I think I like…dammit! I can’t pick just one!

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