Avi & Brian – The Mansion at Ridley Creek Wedding.

Meet Avi & Brian, again!! I love the pants off of them! This whirlwind Wedding was held at The Mansion at Ridley Creek. Inside and out this is one fantastic venue. For their first look, we met out in this lovely sculptured garden which had these beautiful clipped hedges that framed the moment perfectly. As she walked down this natural hallway to Brian, you could see the emotions building between them both. When he turned around and saw her for the first time, it was like he got the wind taken out of him. He let out this adorable sigh which was quickly followed by some well deserved smoochin. Something I loved about their ceremony was that they had four close people in their lives hold onto the Chuppah. If you’re not familiar with Jewish ceremonies, the Chuppah is the canopy that the couple is married under. Usually this is held up on it’s own but I think their choice to have friends hold it gave it such unique, personal touch. For the reception, they hired The Benderz. This was not your typical wedding band, no. It almost felt like an actual concert. Hands were up in the air, shoes came off and everyone was singing right along with every song they belted out. It was the perfect way to celebrate Avi & Brian’s Wedding. At the end of the night, after the band played a few encores to appease their fans, we ran outside for a sparkler sendoff!
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0001

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0002

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0003

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0004

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0005

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0006

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0007

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0008

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