Shaina – Indian Bridal Session.

Meet Shaina! For this Indian Bridal Session we had two different Indian Sarees to shoot in and so we decided to change up the location for each. For the more traditinal blue Saree, we met up in Princeton, NJ and explored their beautiful campus. For the trendy Pink Saree we went the beach in Long Branch, NJ and got some amazing images of Shaina on the rocks with the sea crashing behind her. Two beautiful days, two beautiful dresses & one beautiful girl.
Check out some of my favorites from the day!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer SPSB0001

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer SPSB0002

One thought on “Shaina – Indian Bridal Session.

  1. Fantastically gorgeous colour palette, from the saree, to the accessories, the makeup and the backdrop!

    The second set of saree is pretty and sweet, but I prefer the vibrancy of the first set – Looks like the colours of a peacock with its tail spread open for display….

    To further accentuate that unique forehead ornament and her strong facial structure, the bride may wish to consider pulling her hair back and braiding it, like Indian brides typically do (with flowers added). The braid can also be placed to one side to showoff the floral adornments in her hair…..

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