Heather – The Wedding Assistant!

Meet Heather! Photographer assistant extraordinaire. She’s my right hand lady and part of the Russ Hickman Photography team! She’s awesome and chances when you hire me you’ll meet her. She gets me the lenses I need, finds those family members that went to the bar for a drink during family formals and helps me make those epic night shots happen! She helps fluff your dress when you can’t reach it, pin on your groomsman’s flowers when they can’t figure it out, most likely she’ll cry at your ceremony and man can she dance at your reception…yeah she’s the cats meow. (she loves cats)

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer HP001

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer HP002

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer HP003

Happy Mother’s Day – Mom & Art Get Married!

As a Happy Mother’s Day surprise I wanted to do a blog post on my Mom’s wedding this past fall! It was the weekend of Hurricane Sandy in Wilmington, NC and thankfully we were lucky enough to just get heavy rain because this wedding was happening rain or shine. My mother and Art lived just 4 doors down from each other and I couldn’t ask for a better man to marry my mom. He is a southern gentleman and he’s good to her and that is all I can as for.
Love you Mom!

Mom's Wedding 0001

Mom's Wedding 0002

Mom's Wedding 0003

Mom's Wedding 0004

Mom's Wedding 0005

Matt, 2012.

Franklin turns 8!

Franklin, the sweetest little man ever, turned 8 years old today! His annual birthday doggie ice cream is waiting for him in the freezer at this moment…but for now, it’s time for his birthday portrait. Love that kid!

A little love from a client.

Just a few months ago I shot a family session in Princeton, NJ and my clients, Michael & Karen, just sent me a sweet thank you in the mail! Knowing my love of T-Shirts they sent me this awesome one and I love it! I’m not saying that every client should do this but it does make me love you more…and I’m a large. 🙂

Thanks Michael & Karen!!!

Grandaddy – 2011.

Here is a portrait of my Grandad that I shot over the Christmas holiday. He was a professional fisherman in South Carolina and while we were down, we went into Calabash for down home southern seafood lunch. Outside of the restaurant was this fishing boat, which I thought would make the perfect backdrop. My favorite part would have to be his suspenders.

Franklin Gets a Brother!

This morning was the 5th annual PAWS Mutt Strut, which is a fund raiser held here in Philadelphia to help raise awareness for local abandoned, homeless animals. The obvious point was to collect a bunch of cash for the cause and that they did! They raised over $109,000!!! If you’d like to give, there is still time by clicking the link above. Every penny counts and they need em! You could either bring your dog to walk the 1.5 miles (which is what I did with Franklin) or if you don’t have a pup of your own you donate a select amount to walk one of the many dogs up for adoption. We got there a little early and I took Franklin over to meet the dogs and this little guy was just begging me to take him home. I mean really, how freaking cute is he?!?! Not sure what his name is going to be yet but I’m totally up for suggestions.


My sweet little baby girl passed away yesterday afternoon and it is an absolute heart breaker. I don’t mean for this to be a downer, rather a little look at what an awesome cat she was. She lived a really full life, gettin on up there to be almost 20 years old. I got her when I was in 8th grade and even though I was allergic, I powered through the itchy eyes because I loved her. Things I’ll miss…if you fell asleep with your hands above the covers, she would nip your fingers until you woke up to pet her. She loved to get on the roof of my mother’s house and then pretend not to know how to get down. I fell for it every time and always saved her. She loved to lay on paper, especially if you were reading it at the time. She had the most beautiful green eyes. When I was 16, I saw her smack a doberman square in the nose for coming in our yard and if he had had a tail it would have been between his legs as he ran away. When she was young, she used to hide behind things and jump out to scare you when you came around the corner. Loudest Purr Ever and I’ll miss that the most.