Kelly & Charlie’s Engagement in Wilmington, NC – Part one.

Meet Kelly & Charlie! My Rock Star Couple from Wilmington, NC. We basically had an all day Engagement Session starting with a champagne picnic on the other side of the Cape Fear River. This was my first time meeting Charlie and he immediately won me over. Not just with the simple fact that he is a nice guy but watching how much he adores Kelly and hangs on her every move. They are perfect for each other because that same look is on his face is the same look on her’s. High Five to you both!
Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Kelly & Charlie – The Teaser.

Seriously it was crazy hard to choose my teaser for this shoot! I can’t wait to show you more!

Call Your Father!

Happy Father’s Day! Don’t forget to call him!

Kelly & Chris – The Wedding.

Meet Kelly & Chris! Kelly is an amazing artist herself and you need to get over to her site asap and check out her work because it’s so good! Their beautiful wedding was held at The Holly Hedge Estates in Bucks County. I’m in love with this venue. It really set a beautiful backdrop to my lovely vintage bride with her striking green eyes and her man, who just can’t get enough of her. As a photographer, obviously an emotional moment where the couple chokes up at the alter is absolute gold. As Chris read what he had written for her, stopping every so often to hold back the tears, Kelly did everything in her power not to jump in his arms. She even went in for the kiss early, which was well deserved after what he said to her. But what sticks out in my mind even now are her vows to him…which he had a part in as well. She talked about the moment she knew he was the one she was going to marry. They were sitting on the couch talking about their relationship and Chris summed it up by saying they were like Spice & Rice. They could both stand on their own and be good, but when you mix them up together they become something great. That’s when she knew it was forever.
I love them. Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Kelly & Chris – The Teaser.

Here’s a quick teaser from Kelly & Chris’ Wedding in Bucks County at Holly Hedge Estate. This was seconds after the last dance, behind the venue in front of the beautiful fall leaves.