Joelle & Jamie – The Philadelphia Engagement Session!

Meet Joelle & Jamie! They are getting married in just a few weeks short weeks so I wanted to share a few of my favorites from their engagement session to get you in the mood. We had a great time exploring their hood in the Art Museum District. I loved that Jamie brought a little pocket Whiskey to warm them up and get their courage going! I want that flask BTW, not that I need more hair on my chest.
Check them out.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JJE01

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JJE02

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JJE03

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JJE04

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JJE05

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JJE06

SAPCC – Juxtaposition.

This week’s theme for SAPCC was Juxtaposition, which is the act of placing two or more things side by side. In film school we used this by placing different shots back to back to create an effect or evoke the emotion we wanted in the scene. For my shot this week I did an in-camera double exposure. I’ve got some sleep issues lately and so I decided to create something that could help me catch those Zzzzzz’s. If it weren’t for the motion sickness I’d be curled up in one of these right now.


Check out Michael Brooks shot here.
Conni Freestone’s shot here.
Next week’s theme is Industrial. Due 7/29.

SAPCC – Double.

This week’s theme for SAPCC was Double. This is my first week back from the Vegas job and if I thought I had sleep issues I was mistaken. It took me a week to get used to west coast time only to come back to getting less sleep than when I left. I know I know, it’s only 3 hours, but 3 minus what I was gettin a night and now I’m in the negative. So enough of my rambling, on to the post. Double. Double Exposure. This was an in camera DE not two put together in photoshop. Here is my shot.
PS it needs to get warmer soon. I want to go to there.


Check out Michael Brooks shot here.
Conni Freestone’s shot here.
Smack’s shot here.
Renee’s shot here.
Next week’s theme is Hide. Due 4/15.