Karen & Michael – The Wedding Teaser!

Check out this sweet teaser from Karen & Michael’s 10 year recommitment ceremony in Wilmington, NC! We took a stroll on the cobblestone streets of downtown Wilmington with their two adorable little girls.
Love you guys!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer KMW1

The Golden Family – The Family Session Teaser!!

Check out the teaser from the Golden Family Session I shot on Sunday! Notice the pictures on the wall…yeah, that kid is going to grow up awesome.
More to come!

Philadelphia Family Photographer GFS1

The Winiks – The Bucks County Family Session!

I want a little warmth back into the mix, so it’s time to blog some shoots from the summer! Meet the Winik Family! We met up at Core Creek Park in Bucks County, where they let their little man, Max, run around like he owned the place. I’m not going to pretend that I even had a chance at keeping up with him but I did my best.
Check out some of my favorites!

Philadelphia Family Photographer WFSFB001

Philadelphia Family Photographer WFSFB002

Philadelphia Family Photographer WFSFB003

Tracy & Nicole – The Baby Bump Session!

Tracy & Nicole are pregnant! I met up with them over the holidays in Wilmington, NC and they took me to one of their favorite spots. This train trestle was the first place Nicole brought Tracy when they first came to Wilmington. I freakin Love you both and I can’t wait to meet the little guy!
Check out my some of my favorites from the day!

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer TNM1

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer TNM2

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer TNM3

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer TNM4

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer TNM5

Tracy & Nicole – The Baby Bump Session!

Check out this beautiful image from Tracy & Nicole’s Baby Bump Session in Wilmington, NC last week! This train trestle was one of the first places Nicole brought Tracy when they first visited her hometown and it couldn’t have been a cooler place to photograph their Maternity Session. If I lived there I’d shoot there all the time! Congratulations, Love you both so much!!!
More to come 🙂

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer TNM1

The Winiks – The Bucks County Family Session Teaser!

Check out this adorable teaser from Sunday’s Family Session at Core Creek Park in Bucks County. You guys did so good!
More to come.

Philadelphia Family Photographer WFS1

Stephanie & John – The Baby Bump Session.

Stephanie & John were one of my amazing wedding couples in 2010. When she emailed to set up a Baby Bump Session, I was in the car and on the way to their house before I even finished reading. I love them and I Love that I got the chance to be a part of another big moment in their lives! Congratulations to you both!!!
Check out some of my favorites.

Philadelphia Baby Photographer SJF001

Philadelphia Baby Photographer SJF002

Philadelphia Baby Photographer SJF003

Carolyn, Rick and Mary – The Philadelphia Family Session Teaser!

Last week I got to shoot a family session with Carolyn, Rick and their beautiful baby Mary!
Check out this sweet teaser and stay tuned for more.

Philadelphia Family Photographer CRFS1

Stephanie & John – The Baby Bump Teaser!

Check out this awesome teaser from Stephanie & John’s Baby Bump Session in Lansdowne, PA Monday!
More to come.

Philadelphia Maturnity Photographer SJBB1

Cassie & Chuck – The Baby Bump Session.

Meet Cassie & Chuck! We Met up near the Philadelphia Art Museum to shoot some of this baby bump goodness. They didn’t want the typical Maternity Session and I was totally fine with that. I wanted to bring a little humor in the mix because they couldn’t be a more funny couple. Check out some of my favorites.

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer CCBB0001

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer CCBB0002