Becky & Mike – The New Jersey Wedding Teaser!

Check out the teaser from Becky & Mike’s Wedding on Sunday in Spring Lakes, New Jersey! This was from their first look and of course Becky couldn’t help but grab herself a handful of Mike!
More to come!

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Avi & Brian – The Mansion at Ridley Creek Wedding.

Meet Avi & Brian, again!! I love the pants off of them! This whirlwind Wedding was held at The Mansion at Ridley Creek. Inside and out this is one fantastic venue. For their first look, we met out in this lovely sculptured garden which had these beautiful clipped hedges that framed the moment perfectly. As she walked down this natural hallway to Brian, you could see the emotions building between them both. When he turned around and saw her for the first time, it was like he got the wind taken out of him. He let out this adorable sigh which was quickly followed by some well deserved smoochin. Something I loved about their ceremony was that they had four close people in their lives hold onto the Chuppah. If you’re not familiar with Jewish ceremonies, the Chuppah is the canopy that the couple is married under. Usually this is held up on it’s own but I think their choice to have friends hold it gave it such unique, personal touch. For the reception, they hired The Benderz. This was not your typical wedding band, no. It almost felt like an actual concert. Hands were up in the air, shoes came off and everyone was singing right along with every song they belted out. It was the perfect way to celebrate Avi & Brian’s Wedding. At the end of the night, after the band played a few encores to appease their fans, we ran outside for a sparkler sendoff!
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

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Susan & David – The Photo Booth!

For Susan & David’s Wedding they had a Photo Booth Setup which I offer as an add on to my wedding packages. This includes a two light setup with your choice of background and a butt-kickin second photographer to coax the crazy out of you and your guests. There are tons of props to choose from, including wigs, hats, masks, glasses, boas and well more… Also there are a couple dry erase boards in cool shapes for your guests to say what’s on their mind πŸ™‚
Check out a couple of my favorites from their wedding.

Some behind the scenes of David telling Solomon how Silly he Looked πŸ™‚

I’m pretty sure the double tie looks is going to be huge this year.

These little girls lived at the photo booth for about 2 hours.

Susan & David – The Wedding.

Meet Susan & David. We started the day over at the Hotel Dupont in the business district of downtown Wilmington, Delaware. When I walked in, Susan was just about to hop into the makeup chair and she was watching the flower girls who were being pampered by the hairstylist. After some beautiful getting ready shots and we headed over to The Congregation Beth Shalom Synagogue for some First Look time (which you know I love!) and of course the ceremony. One of my favorite shots from the day was right after the ceremony when David’s son Solomon came up to the couple for a hug. Such a great moment and So, So Sweet! The reception was held at Brantwyn Estate which is a fantastic venue and really puts together a fancy party. I could have spent all day shooting the couple on these grounds.
Check out some of my favorites from the day!


Kate & Howie – The Wedding.

Meet Kate & Howie, again! They were married at The Blue Bell Country Club in Blue Bell, PA just a few short weeks ago and it was some kind of beautiful. This is a couple you want to hang out with. Kate has this infectious smile that just pulls you in and Howie has the power to turn that smile on, just by being near her. From the Bedecken to Kate surprising Howie by singing an incredible song with the band at the reception, this night could not have been more perfect. Here are some of my favorite images from the day.

‘Someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me.’

Ilan & Jeremy – The Wedding. Pt 2.

The wedding reception was held at Ilan’s parent’s home in Savannah, Ga. They strung lights through the trees and had miniature lamp posts throughout the back yard to light the dance floor. Everyone was free to roam and roam they did. From the backyard to the kitchen/dining room where they had the most unbelievable food ever. I know I talk too much about food but this was some down home country cookin that needs to be shouted about. They flew in a chef from Nashville named Matt Russo & he turned it out. If you’re looking for a great caterer find him here.
My favorite room was the living room in the front of the house that was dedicated to the musicians of the party (Meaning, Just about every person there & absolutely everyone in Jeremy’s family) and the ones who wanted to listen in. They had Guitars, Bongos, Maracas and I think I saw a Ukulele in there too. Anyone who caught that feelin could pick up an instrument and go to town. People were calling out songs and everyone would start to play and sing along. The amount of talent in that room would have made William Morris drool.

When it was time to give the speeches and sip the champagne (Cheerwine for the non drinker!) Ilan stepped up and told us something that she had never told anyone before. They had been dating a few months and on her birthday Jeremy took her out to celebrate. After the perfect dinner the waiter surprised her with a fruit/desert tray with candles so she could make her wish. As she blew out the candles her wish was ‘Please let me marry this man’…and she did. πŸ™‚

This Disco Ball wasn’t like that to begin with…it fell. I like it better this way.

These cakes were shipped in from New Orleans. What I wouldn’t do for a piece of each right now…

Ilan & Jeremy – The Wedding. Pt 1.

So you’ve already met this Rock Star couple Here and Here but now I’m making it official on my blog. Meet Ilan & Jeremy…married! I’m making this into a two part post because it was a weekend wedding and well there are just way too many moments that I want to share with you guys.
I’ve known Jeremy for years and like I said in the last post I was honored that he and Ilan chose me as their photographer. I met with them to discuss their wedding plans late last year and immediately fell for Ilan, hard. I wanted that beautiful fiery redhead for my bride!..Well, Jeremy’s bride but you know what I mean.
They were married in Savannah, Ga in the garden of The Owens Thomas House which is right off of Telfair Square in the heart of the city’s famous historic district. It couldn’t have been more beautiful.
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

I Swear to you this was real and not staged! How cute is she?!

The couples First Look. I met Jeremy in one of Savannah’s 24 historic Squares after the getting ready shots and we waited for Ilan to round the corner. His reaction to how unbelievably beautiful she is in her wedding dress is priceless.

Look at how much he loves her!

Jeremy is a VERY talented musician and is going to blow the heck up very soon btw. Check out his Solo work and also his band Missing Ships.