Jen & Avi – The Philadelphia Engagement Session!

Meet Jen & Avi!! I freakin love them and I can’t even wait to shoot their wedding at the end of next month! For their Engagement Session we went all over Philadelphia, hitting all the major spots but I’d have to say my favorite spot was when we went back to Jen’s house and up to the roof. What a fantastic view of the west side and on top of that I got to watch them make out…hard. 🙂
Check out my favorites from the day.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JAEB0001

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JAEB0002

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JAEB0003

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JAEB0004

Jen & Avi – The Philadelphia Engagement Teaser!

Check out this teaser from Sunday’s Engagement Session in Philadelphia with Jen & Avi! We came across this fountain outside of the Comcast Center and I’m sure I was screaming the entire time I was taking this image.
Great job guys!!!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JAW1

The Levin Family – Portrait Session.

Here are a couple of my favorites from a recent Family Portrait Session with the Levin & Levits family. The BCCC campus in Newtown, PA has a really beautiful garden on their grounds, so when they suggested that for the shoot I was all for it. Plenty of space for 5 kids to run wild and that they did! It’s not fun unless you come home with grass stains, right?!

Michelle & Dave – The Engagement.

Meet Michelle & Dave! They are getting hitched later this year in VEGAS! And even though I can’t be there to shoot the actual ceremony (believe me I would if I could) we will be shooting their Wedding Portraits with the entire wedding party back here in Philly when they get home. 🙂
For their Engagement Session we started at Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge, which is this delicious restaurant located off of Sansom Street, where the couple had their first date. Throughout the day we stopped at a few famous areas in Philly like Love Park and Broad St. but it was the in-between moments that really caught my attention. Outside of the Comcast building there is this little common area where a group of trees shade a few lunch tables. I had the couple sitting at one of the tables and I was shooting them from a distance when I read Dave’s lips as he whispered to Michelle right before he kissed her. He said to her ‘I’m so in love with you right now’. Smooth right?! Such a great moment!!!
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Kate & Howie – The Engagment.

Meet Kate & Howie. They are going to be married in about three months and counting and I am stoked to shoot their wedding! Howie is not at all scared to get crazy and be a goofy, just to make Kate laugh and it’s written all over her face just how much she loves him. Check out some of my favorites.

Laura & Tommy – The Wedding.

Meet Laura & Tommy. They were married at St Andrews’s Lithuanian Church in Philadelphia, PA. Along with being a completely adorable couple and exceptionally gifted in the looks department, they can officially put on one classy wedding! From the Champagne toast outside the church directly after the ceremony to the interpreters for the hearing impaired, and finally to the beautiful venue with the remodeled silos attached for the cake and present rooms. Everything was Beautiful! After the ceremony we trekked around the city for a bit hitting all their favorite Philly Landmarks before heading over to the Normandy Farms Hotel, which is in Blue Bell, PA. This is where we kicked the party 🙂 Check out some of my favorites from the day.

This was a really fun Lithuanian tradition, where the Groom carries the Bride over a bridge. We chose one at the edge of South Street in Penns Landing.

Christy & Chuck – The Engagement.

Meet Christy & Chuck. This is one cool couple, I’m telling you right now. If I wasn’t following them around taking their picture, I would be hanging out with them watching all my favorite shows. They have my exact taste in TV and that my friend is some good taste. I think this was the 3rd scheduled engagement session for these two. For some reason we were rained out every time but 3rd time is a charm because the rain went away and we had such a great time running around the city. We started over at Boathouse Row and hiked over towards City Hall. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

Wedding Gang Sign 🙂