Franklin turns 8!

Franklin, the sweetest little man ever, turned 8 years old today! His annual birthday doggie ice cream is waiting for him in the freezer at this moment…but for now, it’s time for his birthday portrait. Love that kid!

My Boys.

Would you believe that I found them like this?

Best. Dog. Ever.

My dog Franklin is quite possibly the Best Dog in the world! (<—Read that aloud into a metal can for the full effect)
He'll also do anything for the chance at a cookie. For example, this is my little man sporting a rock star wig.

Franklin Turns 7!

My little man, Franklin turned 7 years old today! It’s about time to give him his celebratory doggie ice cream but first check out the crazy face he was giving me this afternoon.

Franklin’s Warhol.

Franklin finally gets his 15 minutes of fame…on my wall. I wanted something to bring a little color to my living room so I took one of the portraits I made of my pup and gave it a little Warhol treatment. Then using one of my wedding/portrait vendor I made a 30×30 canvas of the chunky monkey and now I laugh every time I come downstairs. 🙂

At least Franklin gets a snow day.

I miss those nights when praying that the snow would stick would mean that you wouldn’t have to go to school or even work the next day. Where I grew up they shut everything down that didn’t need to be open in case of emergency. This didn’t include the Scotchman 5 minutes from my house that stocked essentials needed to get through the tough times, ie Junkfood, Soda & Beer…just sayin. Also, tough times usually meant a light dusting.
That only works in the south though. Up north they eat snow for breakfast…or at least my dog did. This weekend we had the 2nd biggest snow storm ever in history. At least that’s what they said on the news. If they say it on TV it has to be true, I think it’s a law or something. So I dig my car out knowing there is no real snow day up north because nothing shuts down when you have a million snow plows ready to get you to work the next day.
After diggin out my car and helping a few neighbor because I’m just that nice, we let Franklin out to play in the snow. He freakin Loves snow and it was so deep that when he jumped in you lost him for a second. He barreled through the untouched section between the sidewalks loving every second and trying to eat as much snow as possible. Here is my favorite shot of our game of editable ball.