Ilan & Jeremy – The Wedding. Pt 1.

So you’ve already met this Rock Star couple Here and Here but now I’m making it official on my blog. Meet Ilan & Jeremy…married! I’m making this into a two part post because it was a weekend wedding and well there are just way too many moments that I want to share with you guys.
I’ve known Jeremy for years and like I said in the last post I was honored that he and Ilan chose me as their photographer. I met with them to discuss their wedding plans late last year and immediately fell for Ilan, hard. I wanted that beautiful fiery redhead for my bride!..Well, Jeremy’s bride but you know what I mean.
They were married in Savannah, Ga in the garden of The Owens Thomas House which is right off of Telfair Square in the heart of the city’s famous historic district. It couldn’t have been more beautiful.
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

I Swear to you this was real and not staged! How cute is she?!

The couples First Look. I met Jeremy in one of Savannah’s 24 historic Squares after the getting ready shots and we waited for Ilan to round the corner. His reaction to how unbelievably beautiful she is in her wedding dress is priceless.

Look at how much he loves her!

Jeremy is a VERY talented musician and is going to blow the heck up very soon btw. Check out his Solo work and also his band Missing Ships.

Ilan & Jeremy – The Day Before The Wedding.

Meet Ilan & Jeremy. They were married in Savannah, GA and I was completely honored to be their Photographer. They invited me down the day before the wedding, for the Rehearsal and unbelievably delicious Rehearsal Dinner at The Pink House. If you’re ever in Georgia and have the chance, go…and have the spicy fried mac & cheese appetizers…Yum. From the food to the Savannah Ghost Tour to hanging out with this talented group of people, this was one great start to a perfect weekend.
Check out some of my favorites from this awesome day…before.

Getting the backyard ready for the party tomorrow!

Matt Russo, the talented chef from Nashville who cooked all weekend for the jaw dropping southern spread at the wedding.

Ilan putting together a great music mix for tomorrow’s reception.

Ilan & Jeremy’s first look at the dance floor after the lights and tables have been set up 🙂

Savannah Ghost Tour!!! This guide had a story for every dark window and every spooky tree in Georgia.


…and the after party begins.

Jeremy & Ilan – The Engagement.

Meet Jeremy & Ilan. I’m shooting their wedding in Savannah, GA this weekend and I can wait to hop the plane and get down there! They have invited me to hang out and partake in the rehearsal dinner (Yum), plus they have put together a Savannah Ghost tour which sounds like the best time ever!

Jeremy is a fantastic musician, check him out here & go see his next show. I miss going to his shows in NYC because the man is amazing live. Truth. Check out his version of Love Vigilante cause it’s my fav.