Megan & Brendan – The Wedding.

Meet Megan & Brendan! I love a couple who is into taking pictures and with this couple (specifically Megan) we could do this daily. I don’t believe she has ever met a camera she didn’t like. 🙂 They were married at Saint Bridget Church in Philadelphia, PA. This was a full catholic mass and even at the alter she was ready for her closeup! After our amazing 3 hours of picture time around the city we headed to the reception which was held at the City Avenue Hilton Hotel.
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Bendan’s per-wedding card to Megan. 🙂 ‘To my Almost Wife’

Michelle & Dave – The Engagement.

Meet Michelle & Dave! They are getting hitched later this year in VEGAS! And even though I can’t be there to shoot the actual ceremony (believe me I would if I could) we will be shooting their Wedding Portraits with the entire wedding party back here in Philly when they get home. 🙂
For their Engagement Session we started at Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge, which is this delicious restaurant located off of Sansom Street, where the couple had their first date. Throughout the day we stopped at a few famous areas in Philly like Love Park and Broad St. but it was the in-between moments that really caught my attention. Outside of the Comcast building there is this little common area where a group of trees shade a few lunch tables. I had the couple sitting at one of the tables and I was shooting them from a distance when I read Dave’s lips as he whispered to Michelle right before he kissed her. He said to her ‘I’m so in love with you right now’. Smooth right?! Such a great moment!!!
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Laura & Tommy – The Wedding.

Meet Laura & Tommy. They were married at St Andrews’s Lithuanian Church in Philadelphia, PA. Along with being a completely adorable couple and exceptionally gifted in the looks department, they can officially put on one classy wedding! From the Champagne toast outside the church directly after the ceremony to the interpreters for the hearing impaired, and finally to the beautiful venue with the remodeled silos attached for the cake and present rooms. Everything was Beautiful! After the ceremony we trekked around the city for a bit hitting all their favorite Philly Landmarks before heading over to the Normandy Farms Hotel, which is in Blue Bell, PA. This is where we kicked the party 🙂 Check out some of my favorites from the day.

This was a really fun Lithuanian tradition, where the Groom carries the Bride over a bridge. We chose one at the edge of South Street in Penns Landing.

Stephanie & John – The Wedding.

Meet Stephanie & John…Again! You might remember them from their engagement shoot at Tiffany & co. which you can check out here. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this wedding was! They were married at St. Agatha – St. James Church here in Philadelphia and the Reception/Dancathon was held at The Hilton at Penn. I Loved shooting this group and they had their poses down. Not every wedding is into posing but when it works it works. I swear Stephanie had everyone go through Vogue/GQ model training courses before the wedding. During one shot, she turned to everyone in the shot and said ‘If anyone smiles I’ll kill you’. Awesome, right? Looking through all of the images, it was extremely hard to choose my favorites so I might make another post later on. For now here are some of my favorite images from the day.

Lauren & Brett – The Engagement.

Meet Lauren & Brett. This awesome couple came to me after shooting Samantha & Kyle’s awesome Wedding. I feel like the ‘click’ was almost instant with these two. If it wasn’t then it sure would have been when we met up for their engagement shoot in Center City Philadelphia. I met the couple at Love park to start the day and the first thing Lauren said to me was ‘Would it be wrong if we got a drink first?’. No, no that would never be wrong. In fact it couldn’t have been more right! It totally loosened them up and when we got out there in that HOT/Humid July heat, most of their nerves were left at the bar. 🙂
Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Published in The Philadelphia Inquirer!!

Today one of my weddings got a half page spread in The Philadelphia Inquirer!!! It’s on the second page of LOVE section of the paper and they printed two of my images from Billy & Bridget’s Wedding. You can check it out online, see more images from their wedding and read the article here.

Bridget and Billy – The Wedding.

Meet Bridget and Billy. AKA. Make a Circle Make a Scene…More on that in a few. The wedding was held at St. Dorthy Church in Drexel Hill, just a few blocks away from Bridget’s childhood home, which is where we started the day. She, along with all 5 bridesmaids, her mother and her Man of Honor (That’s right, I said Man. It’s 2009!) all piled into her childhood bedroom to help her slip into something a little more bridelike. Lots of Aaaawwws and laughing and cute moments and all the while the look on Bridget’s face was priceless. I wouldn’t say it was nerves but more like an unbelievable excitement, like that night before your birthday look. She was ready.

The ceremony was beautiful and they had some amazing singers that could hands down sing for disney no question.

After the ceremony we met at the Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing and Limo/Vanned it over to the Love Park to shoot some portraits in front of the Love Statue. Now here is where the Make a Circle Make a Scene comes into play. There were 14 people in this wedding party including the Bride & Groom plus parents. We pulled up to the park and being the busy touristy area it is, there were many people already there taking pictures. The doors to the Limo/Van opened and out went all 14, spreading out with a mission because we only had 20 minutes left with the limo guy. Within 30 seconds the area was cleared of everyone and the floor was ours for the taking! A crowd formed and we did our thing, I grabbed a lot of really nice images and that’s when it happened. It wasn’t the first time and it absolutely wasn’t the last. The circle…the scene…they started chanting ‘Make a circle make a scene!!’ and surrounded Bridget and Billy and while screaming and causing one extremely large commotion, they commanding everyone’s attention in a 4 block radius. (Example Pictured Below) Bottom line was they were having a blast and it was making me laugh so two thumbs up for that.

Back at the Hyatt, Bridget, Billy, Michael (The man of Honor/Brigit appointed assistant) took a walk down the long pier that ran the waterfront, where we got some really nice shots with the Ben Franklin Bridge and the city in the background. Then finally it was time to party it up with and really enjoy the night, which I assure you they did. I have proof. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

His turn! He couldn’t have fought them off if he tried.

PS. Check out Bridgets Blog Here. She is hilarious and always a good read.