Jaide & Ryan – The Philadelphia Wedding Teaser!

Check out this beautiful night teaser from Jaide & Ryan’s Wedding Saturday in Valley Forge!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JRW1

Maggie & Zack – The Princeton Wedding!

Meet Maggie & Zack! This hilarious couple was married on the beautiful grounds at the Chauncey Conference Center in Princeton, NJ. They were cool and not afraid to get weird or be silly in front of my camera. If I didn’t instantly want to be their BFF’s then I would have after this fun day. Even though all the jokes and silly faces there were some beautiful moments that made you want to squeeze them. Like the vows she wrote for him. She looked into his eyes, fighting back tears and said ‘If you promise to always be honest, I’ll promise to always be sincere’ and I don’t think it could be more perfect than that. Congratulations guys!
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0001

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0002

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0003

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0004

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0005

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0006

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0007

Alexa & Bill – The Wilmington, DE Wedding!

Meet Alexa & Bill!! They are so awesome and share all my nerd tendencies, like my love of Star Wars and obsession with Doctor Who! Just for example, on Alexa’s garter she had Princess Leia and Yoda stitched in there and they had Leia and HAN Solo cake toppers which made me crazy happy. They had their reception at Harry’s Savoy Ballroom in Wilmington Delaware but before we headed over to the party, we took a detour to their house a few miles away. One of their favorite things to do is to hang out with their friends on their front stoop and have a drink, so we got together as many of their friends as possible and incorporated it into a fun couple portrait. Congratulations guys!!
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0001

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0002

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0003

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0004

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0005

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0006

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0007

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0008

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0009

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABWB0010

Because sometimes you just have to grab a piece…

Happy Monday!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABW2

Alexa & Bill – The Wilmington Delaware Wedding Teaser!

Check out the Teaser from Alexa & Bill’s Wedding Saturday in Wilmington, Delaware! The rain held out all day for them and once it finally dropped we ran outside for this shot.
Congratulations you two!!!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABW1

Kelly & Charlie – Part Two – The Food Fight Engagement Session!

For the second half of Kelly & Charlie’s Engagement Session we met up at their house for a good ol’ fashioned FOOD FIGHT!!!! Both of them are really into cooking and I’m constantly seeing delicious food shots on their Facebook pages, so when Kelly told me this was what she was thinking of doing I was immediately on board. We got back from shooting some amazing night shots on the roof of The Soapbox and they changed into something a little more comfortable. Thankfully there was a wall separating me from them so I was safe and clean and ready to watch this craziness go down. I loved everything about this! At one point after they were completely covered Kelly said ‘I think there is sugar in my ear’ to which Charlie replied ‘That’s because I’ve been whispering into it all day’. Priceless.
Check it out!

Kelly & Charlie’s Engagement in Wilmington, NC – Part one.

Meet Kelly & Charlie! My Rock Star Couple from Wilmington, NC. We basically had an all day Engagement Session starting with a champagne picnic on the other side of the Cape Fear River. This was my first time meeting Charlie and he immediately won me over. Not just with the simple fact that he is a nice guy but watching how much he adores Kelly and hangs on her every move. They are perfect for each other because that same look is on his face is the same look on her’s. High Five to you both!
Here are some of my favorites from the day.