Nicole & Tim – The Wedding.

Meet Nicole & Tim! I met Nicole through one of my 2011 Brides and it felt like we had been friends for years, even though we only just met. When I drove up to her family home where she was getting ready and saw the horses in the back yard I knew this was going to be a good day. I was early and she hadn’t arrived yet, so I went to work on her details, shooting her beautiful dress hanging on her parents bedpost. When she walked in she was glowing and you could just tell she couldn’t wait to be Tim’s wife! I recently asked Nicole when was the moment she knew Tim was the one she was going to marry. They first met at her sister’s house when she came over to help plan for the NYE party the next day. Cut to the end of that night when she & Tim were the only two left awake playing cards and getting to know each other. My favorite part of their story though was their second time meeting which was at the NYE party. Nicole had made an appearance, dressed to make mouths water and catch Tim’s eye (little did she know she was already running through Tim’s brain). Later that night she called to wish her parents Happy New Year and Tim got on the phone! ‘He said he wanted to see me the day after New Year’s before I went back to school. I agreed and in a drunken state blurted I wish you were here, I miss you. hahah. They say love at first sight and Tim and I believe it!’ Cute right?!
They were married in Ashton, PA at Church of Saint Joseph, which was all kinds of beautiful. It’s this round church with a gorgeous skylight making every seat in the house a great seat to see this couple say ‘I Do’. After the ceremony we headed over to the reception spot at The Concordville inn in Concordville, pa to take some pictures and celebrate the day.
Check out some of my favorites from the day!

Christy & Chuck – The Wedding.

Meet Christy & Chuck, again! They were married in Richboro, PA at Northampton Valley Country Club just a few months ago. These two are all kinds of awesome and so was their wedding party. I mean two of them rolled in on skates, which was a first for me and I’m pretty sure everyone else. There was a sports theme that ran throughout the party as well. From the Customized Rally Towels memorializing the day to the Kickass entrance and to top everything Christy had a surprise up her sleeveless wedding dress. She hired the Phillie Phanatic for the reception and the reaction shot I got of Chuck is priceless!
Check out my favorites from the day!

I’d like to blame it on the small room but sometimes I get lost in the camera and forget my surroundings 🙂

This wasn’t her reaction to me knocking over the glasses but I thought it was funny next to it 🙂

Two Hipsters go to a Wedding.

These two were at a wedding I shot in Margate, NJ and they were not the kind to sit at the table the entire time. I don’t think I saw them off the dance floor once and they could care less what people thought. Exactly how you should attack a wedding, especially if there’s an open bar. 🙂
I have no clue who they were because they were just the extras but I pretend they both live in Brooklyn where she is working on her modeling career and he is in a band that changes their name once a week.

SAPCC – 2008.

This week’s SAPCC theme was 2008. For the second week striaght, it has ended up on a holiday eve, so I thought we all needed a kind of freebe if you will. It’s a year’s span, so anything goes. Part of it was great for me and parts I pretend never happened, but all in all a good year I think. Happy New Year to everyone!!! Now here’s to writing 08 by mistake on everything for the next few weeks.


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Next week’s theme is Order. Due 1/7.