Alyson & Charlie – The Long Beach Island Wedding.

Meet Alyson & Charlie! They were married in Long Beach Island on the beautiful balcony of a family home and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. I met the couple through one of my 2009 weddings, Samantha & Kyle, and let me tell you it was an instant connection. It was like we had been friends for years and it really translated so well in the images. I’ll say it again and again, having a photographer that you connect with and trust is the most important thing when choosing someone to take part in your day and thankfully I was the guy for them! After the intimate ceremony at Charlie’s parent’s ocean-front house, we ran down to the beach to kick off our shoes and shoot some formals. My favorite was when they asked for an image of the wedding party’s reaction to being attacked by Godzilla! (How could I not love these people!?!)
From there we crossed over to the harbor side of the island where the wedding party boarded two boats and sailed a few miles down the island to the Reception spot. When they arrived, they were greeted by all their friends and family on the backyard dock of a fantastic beach house donated for the night by close friends of the family. Everything from the food, which was prepared by Charlie’s Mother & Brother, to the energetic DJ’s who put on one hell of a show, made this night unforgettable. Another favorite moment, other than Charlie ripping his pants on the dance floor, was when Alyson’s father smoked the very same type of cigar that he smoked on the day she was born. It was on the roof deck of the enormous house and as we looked down at the festivities you could just see how proud he was to be her father.
Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Godzill’s Attack! Their faces are priceless!!!

SAPCC – Juxtaposition.

This week’s theme for SAPCC was Juxtaposition, which is the act of placing two or more things side by side. In film school we used this by placing different shots back to back to create an effect or evoke the emotion we wanted in the scene. For my shot this week I did an in-camera double exposure. I’ve got some sleep issues lately and so I decided to create something that could help me catch those Zzzzzz’s. If it weren’t for the motion sickness I’d be curled up in one of these right now.


Check out Michael Brooks shot here.
Conni Freestone’s shot here.
Next week’s theme is Industrial. Due 7/29.

SAPCC – Double.

This week’s theme for SAPCC was Double. This is my first week back from the Vegas job and if I thought I had sleep issues I was mistaken. It took me a week to get used to west coast time only to come back to getting less sleep than when I left. I know I know, it’s only 3 hours, but 3 minus what I was gettin a night and now I’m in the negative. So enough of my rambling, on to the post. Double. Double Exposure. This was an in camera DE not two put together in photoshop. Here is my shot.
PS it needs to get warmer soon. I want to go to there.


Check out Michael Brooks shot here.
Conni Freestone’s shot here.
Smack’s shot here.
Renee’s shot here.
Next week’s theme is Hide. Due 4/15.