Alexa & Bill – The Wilmington, DE Wedding!

Meet Alexa & Bill!! They are so awesome and share all my nerd tendencies, like my love of Star Wars and obsession with Doctor Who! Just for example, on Alexa’s garter she had Princess Leia and Yoda stitched in there and they had Leia and HAN Solo cake toppers which made me crazy happy. They had their reception at Harry’s Savoy Ballroom in Wilmington Delaware but before we headed over to the party, we took a detour to their house a few miles away. One of their favorite things to do is to hang out with their friends on their front stoop and have a drink, so we got together as many of their friends as possible and incorporated it into a fun couple portrait. Congratulations guys!!
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

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Because sometimes you just have to grab a piece…

Happy Monday!

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Alexa & Bill – The Wilmington Delaware Wedding Teaser!

Check out the Teaser from Alexa & Bill’s Wedding Saturday in Wilmington, Delaware! The rain held out all day for them and once it finally dropped we ran outside for this shot.
Congratulations you two!!!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer ABW1

Sara & Steve – The Wedding.

Meet Sara & Steve. They were married in the backyard of Sara’s parent’s house in Leesport, PA. In front of 80ish of their closest friends and family members and their adorable golden retriever, they tied the knot. Love these guys and I seriously want another one of those cupcakes! Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Elizabeth & Andrew – The Hurricane Wedding.

Meet Elizabeth & Andrew! This wedding goes to show you that you don’t need a sunny day to make some beautiful memories. This was the day Hurricane Irene hit the area and we started the day off in Cherry Hill, NJ at Elizabeth’s childhood home. When I got there, all the bridesmaids were busy getting pretty and my beautiful bride was in the best of moods. Yes, a hurricane was coming but she was getting married to the man she loves in a matter of hours! It might as well have been 85 and sunny in her eyes. After the ceremony we traveled over to Haddonfield to Tavistock Country Club for the reception. The dancing went on all night long and no one even noticed the crazy weather outside…that is until I asked the couple to go out into it with me 🙂
Check out some of my favorites from the day!

Sara & Steve – The Wedding Teaser.

Here is a quick teaser from Sara & Steve’s Wedding. This was shot with my Yashica TLR at Sara’s family home in Leesport, PA.

Elizabeth & Andrew – The Hurricane Teaser.

Here is a quick teaser from Elizabeth & Andrew’s Wedding a few weeks ago. This was the day Hurricane Irene touched down and near the end of the night, when the rain was peaking, we went out into the storm for this amazing shot!