Maggie & Zack – The Princeton Wedding!

Meet Maggie & Zack! This hilarious couple was married on the beautiful grounds at the Chauncey Conference Center in Princeton, NJ. They were cool and not afraid to get weird or be silly in front of my camera. If I didn’t instantly want to be their BFF’s then I would have after this fun day. Even though all the jokes and silly faces there were some beautiful moments that made you want to squeeze them. Like the vows she wrote for him. She looked into his eyes, fighting back tears and said ‘If you promise to always be honest, I’ll promise to always be sincere’ and I don’t think it could be more perfect than that. Congratulations guys!
Check out some of my favorites from the day.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0001

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0002

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0003

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0004

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0005

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0006

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer MZWB0007

SAPCC – Time.

This week’s theme for SAPCC was Time. I find I run out of it often. I waste it more than I should and when I try and buy it back no one has change for a dollar.
Last night I set aside a few hours to walk around and shoot the stars. I knew I wanted to shoot that earlier this week but I kept putting it off because other things would come up or I was just flat out exhausted. Thankfully it was a beautiful, clear night rounding at an icy 30 degrees. This is a little over a 30 second exposure of the starry sky, just enough to show the rotation of the earth and not enough to give me frostbite.


Check out Michael Brooks shot here.
Pat Coakley’s shot here.
Connie Freestone’s shot here.
Smack’s shot here.
Christopher Howard’s shot here.
Next week’s theme is Depth. Due 11/26.