Kory, 2011.

Rich, 2011.

Lora, 2011.

Lora on her Birthday.

Wil, 2011.

Best. Dog. Ever.

My dog Franklin is quite possibly the Best Dog in the world! (<—Read that aloud into a metal can for the full effect)
He'll also do anything for the chance at a cookie. For example, this is my little man sporting a rock star wig.

Brian, 2011.

SAPCC – Reflect.

This week’s theme for SAPCC was Reflect. So lets do some of that. When I was younger and my grandpa would come to visit, he would bring along with him his Rolleiflex twin lens reflex camera. He would set up the family portrait and let me look in the viewfinder before taking the picture. hmmm…I wonder if that’s where I got this photo bug. When I found my rolleiflex in the camera shop years ago, I didn’t hesitate to grab it up. One day I’ll get that light leak fixed but for now it looks awesome on my dresser.
So for my shot this week I decided to break it out and use my favorite feature on it. The viewfinder. Here you go.


Check out Michael Brooks shot here.
Conni Freestone’s shot here.
Smack’s shot here.
Renee’s shot here.
Next week’s theme is Face. Due 3/4.