Heather & Mike – The Scotland Run Wedding Teaser!

Check out the sexiness that is Heather & Mike! Their beautiful Wedding was at Scotland Run Golf Club and I could not be more in love with this shot!
More to come.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer HMW1

Jaide & Ryan – The Philadelphia Wedding Teaser!

Check out this beautiful night teaser from Jaide & Ryan’s Wedding Saturday in Valley Forge!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JRW1

Jess & Mark – The Long Branch, NJ Wedding Teaser!

Check out this fun teaser from Jess & Mark’s Wedding this past Saturday in Long Branch, NJ! Their reception was at McLoone’s Pier House which is right on the beach and on the way out to the water for some portraits I saw this shot. LOVE THEM! Such a fun group!!!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer JMW1

Allie & Kit – The 1850’s River House Wedding Teaser!

Check out this beautiful teaser from Allie & Kit’s Wedding this past Friday at 1850’s River House in Stockton, NJ! What a great day!
More to come.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer AKW1

Nina & Kit – The Tyler Arboretum Wedding Teaser!

Check out this beautiful shot from Nina & Kit’s Wedding this past Saturday at Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA!! We may not have had the sun on our side but who needs it when you have awesome people and a couple umbrellas!
Congratulations!! More to come.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer NKW1

Leslie & Angelo – The Penn Oaks Wedding Teaser!

Check out this epic wedding teaser from Leslie & Angelo’s Wedding this past Saturday at Penn Oaks Golf Club in West Chester, PA! Congratulations guys! Have an amazing time in France!!!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer LAW1

Kristin & Michael – The Pearl S. Buck Estate Wedding Teaser!

Check out this beautiful teaser from Kristin & Michael’s wedding Saturday at Pearl S. Buck Estate in Bucks County. This was just after the ice cream cake cutting when we took a walk into the prairie behind the estate. I took one look at those flowers and turned to Kristin and asked if she wanted to get in them for a picture and she jumped in before I could finish my question! Love you two! Have a blast on your honeymoon!!

Pearl-S-Buck-Estate-Wedding-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer KMW1

Elizabeth & Andrew – The Hurricane Wedding.

Meet Elizabeth & Andrew! This wedding goes to show you that you don’t need a sunny day to make some beautiful memories. This was the day Hurricane Irene hit the area and we started the day off in Cherry Hill, NJ at Elizabeth’s childhood home. When I got there, all the bridesmaids were busy getting pretty and my beautiful bride was in the best of moods. Yes, a hurricane was coming but she was getting married to the man she loves in a matter of hours! It might as well have been 85 and sunny in her eyes. After the ceremony we traveled over to Haddonfield to Tavistock Country Club for the reception. The dancing went on all night long and no one even noticed the crazy weather outside…that is until I asked the couple to go out into it with me 🙂
Check out some of my favorites from the day!

Jess & Jesse – The Wedding.

Meet Jess & Jesse. My amazing DC couple! They were married at the Pearl S. Buck Estate in Perkasie, PA and we were lucky enough to get just the right amount of sun on this overcast day for a sweet, outside summer wedding. Two things I loved…The look on Jess’ Parent’s faces during the first dance and Jesse’s famous version of The Robot.
Check out some of my favorites from the day!

Kickass Robot Battle! Jesse won 🙂

Christy & Chuck – The Wedding.

Meet Christy & Chuck, again! They were married in Richboro, PA at Northampton Valley Country Club just a few months ago. These two are all kinds of awesome and so was their wedding party. I mean two of them rolled in on skates, which was a first for me and I’m pretty sure everyone else. There was a sports theme that ran throughout the party as well. From the Customized Rally Towels memorializing the day to the Kickass entrance and to top everything Christy had a surprise up her sleeveless wedding dress. She hired the Phillie Phanatic for the reception and the reaction shot I got of Chuck is priceless!
Check out my favorites from the day!

I’d like to blame it on the small room but sometimes I get lost in the camera and forget my surroundings 🙂

This wasn’t her reaction to me knocking over the glasses but I thought it was funny next to it 🙂